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Women's Regrowth Kit (Leave-In)

Women's Regrowth Kit (Leave-In)

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Shapiro MD® is recommended for all hair types by leading hair stylists & dermatologists for healthy hair growth.

Support hair's natural growth cycle with this kit of naturally-powered and medical-strength formulas. Our patented shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in foamer contain natural botanical compounds that have been shown to fight the effects of DHT, the hormone linked to hair loss. Additionally, these compounds are storehouses of antioxidents, which help minimize the damage caused by regular heat styling, extreme weather and other environmental stressors. This kit also includes a serum containing 2% minoxidil, an ingredient that's been clinically proven to help women regrow hair. Available exclusively from Shapiro MD.

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“I have almost one month of using the shampoo and conditioner and from the start, I see less hair in my sink. I am so excited to see the results after a few months.”

- June S.

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“The regrowth kit has helped my hair fill in and become so much fuller. It feels so great to run my hands through my hair again!”

Betsy S.
Actually growing

“Two weeks after trying the product, I was blown away to see that my hair was actually growing! I could see little fine hairs growing in areas that were practically bald prior. I will be a forever user.”

Dana M.
Hair began growing back

“I was extremely happy when my hair began growing back. I got my first haircut in a while last week and I’m loving having hair again!”

Lauren W.
Hair is getting thicker

“I am now on month seven and my hair is getting thicker everyday! My hairstylist even noticed as she was shampooing my hair and asked for full details for her husband! I’m so thankful I found Shapiro and will be forever grateful!”

Felicia L.
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Fight hair loss with powerful ingredients that reduce DHT

Fight hair loss with EGCG, saw palmetto, and caffeine. Studies show these 3 powerful ingredients help fight DHT, the hormone often responsible for hair thinning and loss.

Regrow thicker, fuller hair with FDA approved Minoxidil

Stimulate regrowth with 2% Minoxidil. This prescription-strength ingredient is clinically proven to help women regrow thicker, fuller hair.

Restore scalp health with nourishing vitamins and minerals

Get shinier hair and nourish your scalp with ingredients like vitamin B-12, coconut oil, argan oil, chia seed oil, iodine, and more.

Chosen By Over 350,000 Patients.

Based on 23K reviews

Get this complete prescription strength system backed by doctors, science & nature

Our #1 recommended solution to regrow hair & prevent hair loss
DHT Blocking

Fights DHT, hydrates and protects hair for softer, shinier, more manageable strands that look dense and healthy.

DHT Blocking

Cleans hair while locking in essential moisture and priming your scalp for healthy hair growth.

Free bonus gift
Free Bonus Gift: Shapiro MD Leave-In Foamer for even thicker, fuller hair!

Leave-In Foamer combines 3 all-natural DHT fighting extracts in one powerful hair loss formulation that you can use on the go. (Regular value $20 ) Get it FREE today with the Shapiro MD Hair Regrowth System.

FDA Approved

Hair regrowth ingredient exclusively for women

Clinically proven prescription strength hair regrowth treatment from the comfort of your home.

FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair. Stimulate healthy blood flow in your scalp to reactivate hair follicles and stimulate regrowth you can see and touch.

Backed by real doctors

Shapiro MD is recommended by the leading Telehealth physician, Dr. Lilliana Ramírez García, M.D., as the best way of identifying the best hair recovery journey for you.

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Why Do So Many Women Love Shapiro MD?

Hair health formulated specifically for women

Regardless of your age or hair type, if you’re a woman suffering from hair loss or thinning hair...
Shapiro MD® is the solution for you!

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  • FDA Approved Ingredient

    Specially formulated to stimulate hair regrowth
    with clinically proven results for thicker, fuller,
    beautiful hair. Perfect for women of all ages and
    hair types.

  • Free Delivery

    Your order ships quickly and discreetly. For your
    convenience, you can choose to cancel or
    continue and have Shapiro MD delivered to your
    door every month.

  • Stop Hair Loss

    We’re confident you’ll love regrowing your fuller,
    thicker hair. All patients are supported by our
    world-renowned hair experts and customer
    care team.

”Everything you need to restore & regrow hair you’ll love running your fingers through.”

Easiest & most effective way to regrow thicker, longer, softer, beautiful hair.

★★★★★ Based On 23K Reviews

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