Ingredients Matter

Naturally-Occurring Ingredients + Lab-Formulated Breakthroughs = Spectacular Results

We provide patients with innovative hair loss treatments that utilize the best from both nature and science. Every ingredient we use has been carefully selected to give you the most dramatic results possible.

  • Saw Palmetto

    A DHT-fighting botanical extract used as a natural hair remedy for hundreds of years

  • Coconut Oil

    A natural hydrator that helps reduce protein loss from UV rays, pollutants, and other stressors

  • Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

    A powerful green tea extract that fights the hair loss hormone DHT

  • Argan Oil

    A nourishing, nutrient-dense plant oil with natural anti-inflammatory properties

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil

    A gentle extract that contains anti-androgenic phytosterols to combat thinning

  • Chia Seed Oil

    One of nature’s best sources of alpha-linolenic acid, an important omega-3 fatty acid

  • Caffeine Extract

    A stimulant that invigorates underactive hair follicles and boosts keratin production

  • Avocado Oil

    Promotes blood flow and helps to clear blocked follicles, with anti-inflammatory capabilities

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  • Minoxidil

    An FDA-approved vasodilator that’s proven to promote hair growth in both men and women

  • Iodine

    A key facet in the body’s natural formation of healthy hair hormones

  • L-Tyrosine

    A critical amino acid in the production of protein for healthy, thick hair

  • Vitamin B-12

    A nutrient that aids the creation of red blood cells, which are essential for healthy hair follicles

  • Selenium

    A mineral that fights dandruff-causing fungi and aids in the production of essential hormones

  • Beta-Glucan

    A soluble fiber that supports immunity and digestion for optimal health and wellness

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Big help

“The regrowth kit has helped my hair fill in and become so much fuller. It feels so great to run my hands through my hair again!”

Betsy S.
Actually growing

“Two weeks after trying the product, I was blown away to see that my hair was actually growing! I could see little fine hairs growing in areas that were practically bald prior. I will be a forever user.”

Dana M.
Hair began growing back

“I was extremely happy when my hair began growing back. I got my first haircut in a while last week and I’m loving having hair again!”

Lauren W.
Hair is getting thicker

“I am now on month seven and my hair is getting thicker everyday! My hairstylist even noticed as she was shampooing my hair and asked for full details for her husband! I’m so thankful I found Shapiro and will be forever grateful!”

Felicia L.
Big help

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“Amazing results so far!”

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“Thought my bald spot was permanent. I'm a believer in Shapiro MD now. After 60 days, I started to see hair re-appear on my scalp!”

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“I was extremely happy when my hair began growing back! I got my first haircut in a while last week and I’m loving having hair again.”




“In about a month, I noticed how much thicker and fuller my hair looked.”




“I started using Shapiro because I was looking for a healthier shampoo and conditioner alternative. This had three main fighting hair loss ingredients and made my scalp feel clean and my hairs shinier and stronger. Plus I liked the smell.”


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