When The Season Changes So Can Your Hair

When The Season Changes So Can Your Hair

As each season changes many things change along with it, but did you know your hair can too? The changes are very minimal and nothing we need to worry about, but they do happen.

The theory of hair loss related to the season is like an animal’s fur but reversed. Meaning, animals grow their winter coats for protection from the cold and then shed it in the summer to keep cool. For people, it’s the opposite. We tend to hold onto more of our hair to protect our scalp from the sun and then we shed the extra hair in the winter. But the change is minimal so most people may not even notice the difference.


During the spring and summer months there's a lot more humidity and heat, which leads to frizziness and extra shedding for hair. Heat and humidity remove a lot of the moisture from our hair, which can make our hair weaker and more brittle. UV rays are also not great for hair because it can deteriorate proteins.


In the fall and winter the air is drier, which means our scalp gets dry too. A dry and flaky scalp means more hair loss. This is also the time of the holidays, and people tend to be more stressed during these seasons. Stress is proven to affect hair loss, so that could be a reason for more hair loss than normal.


In the spring and summer months when the sun is most strong, some dermatologists suggest using products with UV protection. It’s like sunblock but for your hair! They will help to protect kery proteins from being broken down by the sun.

You should also add some moisturizing creams, masks, or conditioners to help fight off and repair dryness, although, it’s recommended to use them all year round. You can start by using a leave-in conditioner or cream every time you style your hair. But that's just for when your hair is really dry. Once you see the moisture starting to return to your hair you can reduce frequency to a few times a week. You don’t want to overdo it and make your hair too greasy.

Making sure you're getting the right nutrition is also important to your hair growth. People often go on diets to get that summer beach body, and that can lead to hair loss as well. Diets are totally fine as long as you're getting the proper vitamins and nutrients. Shapiro MD’s Hairbiotic is a great way to help with that! The once a day supplement helps create balance in your digestive system to promote absorption of nutrients. It can also help support your immune system.

Even though your hair can be affected when the season changes, hair health is important all year round. If you have concerns that your hair loss may be related to more than just the weather, get started with Shapiro MD today.

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