The 6 Most Common Questions Before Using Shapiro MD

The 6 Most Common Questions Before Using Shapiro MD

We get a lot of questions about Shapiro MD's patented formulations. And truly, we love that our patients are engaged enough to ask! Stopping hair loss and regrowing hair is a journey, and our goal is to be there the whole way to answer your pressing questions.

Here are 6 of the top inquiries we get before men and women start using Shapiro MD.

#1 Does Shapiro MD actually regrow hair?

The ingredients in the patented Shapiro MD formulas have been shown to counteract the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) ––“the hair loss hormone” –– in numerous research programs. That's precisely why they were selected by founders Shapiro and Borenstein when they first developed these patented formulations years ago.

In practice, what we've found is that users who stick with Shapiro MD for 60+ days of consistent use report thicker-looking and healthier, shinier hair. That’s believed to be due to a precise combination of the DHT fighting ingredients saw palmetto extract and EGCG (another DHT fighter), plus caffeine, which has shown an ability to stimulate growth in hair cells.

Hair loss occurs when your hair follicles become too small and weak to keep producing quality, long hairs, and for most men and women that’s due to DHT’s effects.

“DHT is believed to be the number one cause of hair loss in men and women,” says Dr. Steven Shapiro. “Inhibiting DHT is a clear path to promoting thicker and more dense hair, shown time and time again in research trials.”

When hair follicles are allowed to thrive in a "normal" environment, by inhibiting the effects of hormones like DHT, they can keep producing strong and healthy hairs.

In fact, reducing DHT in the body is how the only FDA-approved pill for hair loss, called finasteride, works in men: it reduces how much DHT the body produces.

Our formulations are designed to fight DHT at the scalp to promote fuller and thicker looking hair.

#2 Is Shapiro MD safe to use?

Our patented formulates contain naturally occurring ingredients that work to fight DHT and hair follicle miniaturization by DHT. Again, these ingredients were selected precisely because of their natural origin, which was a key intent of Drs. Shapiro and Borenstein when they set out to create new options for their clinical dermatology patients.

Many of these ingredients have been used for centuries in traditional medicine practices, and our precise blend is intended to optimize their effectiveness on the human scalp.

The result is healthier hair and the appearance of thicker, stronger hair with less breakage. All done with natural and safe ingredients.

#3 Is Shapiro MD safe to use with color-treated hair?

Yes, absolutely! Our Shampoo and Conditioner were formulated with the many men and women who come into our private practice in mind. Shapiro MD’s blend of all-natural ingredients are perfectly safe to use with color-treated hair.

#4 Is Shapiro MD safe to use with all hair types?

Shapiro MD works with every type of hair – curly hair, straight hair, wavy, thick, thin, very thin… you name it, Shapiro MD can support healthy and fuller looking locks.

#5 Why Shapiro MD and not other natural DHT blocking shampoos?

First, with DHT-Blocking ingredients, more does not always mean better.

Shapiro MD features the precise concentrations of proven hair loss ingredients to provide maximum DHT protection. More DHT blocking ingredients (and medications in general) can, in fact, cause a “reverse” effect and actually contribute to hair loss.

Ibuprofen is a great example of this “too much” phenomenon: 1 or 2 pills can make a headache go away, 20 pills can be fatal.

Great medicine is all about finding the right balance of effective ingredients.

Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Borenstein spent 10 years finding the perfect combination of ingredients for maximum hair loss effectiveness. Every ingredient is high quality and sourced in the USA. With Shapiro MD, you never have to worry about dangerous chemicals getting mixed in or counterfeit, low-quality ingredients.

#6 How do I use Shapiro MD for best results?

The best answer is to follow the directions consistently.

Every Shapiro MD hair loss formulation comes with specific directions for use. In the case of our patented, hallmark Shampoo and Conditioner, that’s usually once a day or every other day for 3-6 months consistently.

Consistency is key to success in most facets of life, and hair loss is no different. We recommend new patients try Shapiro MD formulations for 90 days at a minimum, and results are usually seen by 6 months. Additionally, Shapiro MD patients often report continued improvements out to one and two years. Sticking with it is key to great hair.

If you’re curious about what Shapiro MD can do for you, we’ve got options for you. Our natural Shampoo and Conditioner are where it all started, but today Shapiro MD provides all of the most effective hair loss formulations delivered right to your door, including FDA-approved prescriptions, custom topical formulations with clinical-strength ingredients, and tried-and-true density-boosters like minoxidil.

It’s all fast and affordable, and with Shapiro MD, it’s all online. Start your journey today with Shapiro MD.

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