How Telehealth for Hair Loss Works

How Telehealth for Hair Loss Works

If you’re here, chances are you’re one of the millions of Americans dealing with hair loss. Perhaps you’re just beginning the journey to restore your hair, or perhaps you’ve been fighting this unfortunate happening for years.

Either way, telehealth for hair loss with Shapiro MD™ can help. Telehealth for hair loss is still a fairly new concept, but it’s making waves (literally) as this new modality allows men and women to get prescription hair growth treatments from the comfort of home and with the help of a physician. Expensive in-person dermatology visits can become a thing of the past.

Shapiro MD’s telehealth platform is built on our expertise in hair loss from two dimensions: the deep clinic-level experience of our founding & practicing dermatologists, and the knowledge we’ve gained serving thousands of patients online with research-backed solutions in the last half-decade.

The History of Shapiro MD

In the ‘90s, Rogaine (minoxidil 5%) became the first medication approved by the U.S. FDA for the treatment of hair loss. It was a big success thanks to its ability to grow new hair, but many physicians were a little apprehensive to put it to use. Despite compelling evidence that minoxidil 5% works for many men and women (at a 2% concentration) dealing with hair loss, it’s real-world use was still limited to clinical trials.

Shapiro MD co-founders Dr. Michael Borenstein and Dr. Steven Shapiro were glad for a new prescription medication for hair loss, but they were hesitant to just start giving it out to every patient. They wanted something for hair loss that they could pull out of their cabinet for most patients without fear of unknown side effects. Something easy to use, safe for all hair types, and backed by scientific research.

Dr. Shapiro got to work and came up with a unique blend of three botanical extracts that could help just about anyone fight DHT at the scalp, one of the hormones believed responsible for hair loss. Two patents later, these shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in foam are still some of the most popular hair loss solutions on the market.

That was the beginning of Shapiro MD, but the platform has grown to encompass a powerful telehealth hair loss solution for anyone. With Shapiro MD’s telehealth system, men and women can get access to custom prescription treatments with the help of a licensed physician, all done online.

How Does Telehealth For Hair Loss Work?

Shapiro MD’s telehealth for hair loss process works like this.

You begin by filling out a brief medical questionnaire that gives Shapiro MD’s Hair Care Experts® insights into your medical history and current hair loss situation. This process includes submitting a few photos of your scalp and hair in order to assess what’s going on.

Shapiro MD’s intake system then makes a preliminary selection of one of our personalized treatment systems. This selection is based on our experience treating and advising thousands of patients similar to you.

This selection is a placeholder until you complete the checkout process. At that time, one of our licensed physicians then evaluates your medical questionnaire and our algorithm’s preliminary selection to ensure that it’s the appropriate treatment for you and your hair. If not, they select the ideal treatment kit and finalize your order by writing a prescription for any prescription medications, if necessary. They may also contact you directly through the Shapiro MD Member Portal or by phone to talk through any outstanding issues, concerns, answer your questions, and to finalize the process (the requirement for a voice call can vary based on state regulations).

Your personalized treatment kit is then prepared for shipment, with 2-day free shipping included in every order.

At any time during the process you can contact your physician or check your order status in the Shapiro MD Member Portal.

Prescription Hair Loss Medications from Shapiro MD

Shapiro MD has made hair care with a physician’s help easy, affordable, and attainable for anyone, and our unique formulations won’t be found elsewhere.

Our treatment kits contain a combination of naturally sourced, research-backed daily care solutions and prescription-grade health serums that work to fight the signs of aging and improve the look, feel, and volume of your hair. That’s telehealth with Shapiro MD. Get started with a free visit today.

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