Caffeine And Hair Growth – Nature’s Secret Weapon?

Caffeine And Hair Growth – Nature’s Secret Weapon?

When you think of caffeine, you probably think of energy.

The “kick” that gets you going in the morning, or helps you wake up for a night on the town.

But what if I told you that the caffeine “kick” doesn’t just energize your mind… as it turns out, caffeine also energizes your hair.

This statement is based on research performed by Dr. T.W. Fischer, MD, published in the International Journal of Dermatology.

In this study, Dr. Fischer made two groundbreaking conclusions regarding caffeine & hair growth. He said:

“Growth suppression found in hair follicles treated with testosterone… was counteracted by caffeine in concentrations of 0.001% and 0.005%”

“Caffeine alone led to a significant stimulation of hair follicle growth.”

Jaw dropping. Dr. Fischer not only found that caffeine counteracted the effects of hair follicle shrinkage caused by testosterone (the precursor to DHT, the cause of 95% of all hair loss), he also found that caffeine significantly stimulated hair follicle growth in normal hair follicles!

Now before you run off and start rubbing coffee or energy drinks on your scalp, you should know there’s a caveat to this study.

Dr. Fischer and his team didn’t start by testing caffeine concentrations of 0.001% and 0.005%. They actually started with a caffeine concentration of 0.15%. What they found with this concentration was that the 0.15% caffeine actually inhibited hair growth instead of helping it.

Now how could that be?

You know how when you drink too much coffee, instead of energy, you get a jittery feeling that makes it hard to concentrate? The same happens with your hair follicles. Too much caffeine applied to your scalp may actually be worse for hair growth than no caffeine at all!

This is why Dr. Shapiro recommends his patients are careful when looking for hair growth shampoos. As I’m sure you're aware, e-commerce sites like Amazon are flooded with low-grade products from China, many that are often re-labeled as “high-end.” While these “hair growth” shampoos may seem appealing due to their low price point, not only can they contain harmful byproducts, but if they contain too much caffeine, they can do MORE HARM than good!

When it comes to caffeine and hair growth shampoos, Dr. Shapiro says “less is more.”

When Dr. Fischer made his conclusions, you may have noticed that he mentioned “…caffeine in concentrations of 0.001% and 0.005%.”

Want to know which is better for hair growth?

One concentration has 5x the amount of caffeine as the other…!

The answer is 0.001%.

Look at this graph explaining their findings:

The 0.005% concentration almost completely counteracted the testosterone. However, when looking at the 0.001% caffeine concentration, not only did it completely counteract the effects of testosterone, but it actually increased the rate of hair growth beyond the control group.


Dr. Shapiro knew this when he and Dr. Borenstein formulated Shapiro MD.

That’s why the patented Shapiro MD formula uses a strict caffeine concentration.

So if you want a shampoo that will give powerful hair-improving results, try Shapiro MD.

It’s one of the reasons Shapiro MD works so much better than other shampoos out there. It all comes down to the exact concentration of caffeine in his formula that maximizes your results.

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